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Top 18 Reasons Why You Should Visit Mechuka

“Do you love to travel?” If we ask you that question you might wonder why and say “Of course I love to and that’s  I searched for this information.” However, the meaning of travelling can differ from one person to another. You might be someone who has travelled far and wide and now, you might be looking for some less explored destination. Mechuka in Arunachal Pradesh is one of the least explored places where not many tourists have paved their way. If you are someone who is fond of exploring the untouched and unexplored destination you have come to the right place.

Here is our list of top 18 reasons why you should visit Mechuka

1) To Visit an Unexplored Land 

The picturesque Mechuka valley located in the West Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh is one of the less travelled destinations of Northeast India. It has been gradually gaining its due share of popularity among offbeat travellers. Keep your eyes open and travel like a free-spirited soul. Most important of all, enjoy the moments of little joys that appear as you travel along. 

A view from the top of Mechuka La hill.
Meandering Yargyapchu river flowing along with Mechuka town

2) To Cross the Many Hanging Bridges

The Yargyapchu river flows in the different parts of the valley which the locals cross using the several hanging bridges. You too will cross some of the bridges during your visit to Mechuka.

A girl walking on one of the hanging bridges over the Yargyapchu river
Enjoy a shaky walk on one of the many hanging bridges

3) To Pluck Wild Berries (in the summers only)

Dip your feet in the cold river stream as the warm sun surrounds you encompassing the vast green meadows. As you run across these vast pastures of greenery you will come across wild berries that appear like red freckles on the grass.  You can pluck colourful wild berries from the lush green meadows before the horses finish them.

A person holding some wild berries in his hand in Mechuka
Do you want to grab a bite?

4) To Take the Legendary ‘Passing Through the Crack’ Test

Visit the Taposthan opposite to the location of the Gurudwara. Besides being located in the lovely river-side, it has a giant rock split in two halves. There is something special about this rock. According to an old legend, “Sinners get stuck between the splitter rock  and cannot pass through to go to the other side.”  Time to check if you have been a good person perhaps?

A girl stands in front of the stream in Taposthan
The stream flowing at Taposthan

5) To Find a Drastic Difference Between the other Indian States and Mechuka

Unlike cowherds that you normally see on Indian roads, you will come across herds of stray horses grazing around.  This is your chance to thoroughly revel in an offbeat destination of Northeast India.

Horses grazing around in open land in Mechuka town.
Want a ride?

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6) To Notice the Shift in Architecture

You will gradually notice a complete shift in architectural pattern as you enter Mechuka. The usual brick and mortar will be replaced by wood.

One of the colourful and vibrant homestays in Mechuka.
How about spending a few days of your holidays here?

7) To Feel the Tibetan Influence

Eventually, you will slowly tend to relate to the deep-rooted Tibetan influence as you find gompas along the way and see‘Chubas’ – the traditional Tibetan dress. Wednesdays are special in Mechuka because all the townsfolk are encouraged to dress up in their traditional attire.

An old Memba man dressed in the ‘Chuba’.
An old Memba man dressed in a ‘Chuba’

8) To Stay at a Memba Homestay

You will be welcomed by your warm hosts of the homestay who will become an extended family till the time you stay there.

Sitting in a traditional kitchen and enjoying a meal
Sitting in a traditional kitchen and enjoying a meal

9) To Make Momos with the Memba Tribe

Get some good rest after your long road trip. You can sit with your hosts in the evening and learn the art of making authentic momos. You can also choose to just rest or actually go for a walk around.

An old man and woman sit together in their house to relish some homemade momos.
The older members of Mechuka are more comfortable with chopsticks then hands

10) To Taste the Famous Butter tea/ Ghee chai

If you are in Mechuka you cannot but miss the famous butter tea. The Tibetan butter/ the traditional ghee is made by churning Yak’s milk in a wooden apparatus. However, in order that you relish this butter tea, you have to let go of your concept of how normal milk tea usually is. You will surely enjoy the special butter tea if you think of it as a healthy soup instead of just tea.

A group of young girls and guys enjoy some butter tea in an open-air seating outside one of the homestays in Mechuka.
No, that is not butter tea!

11) To Sip the Millet Beer

Have you tried the millet beer? If your answer is a ‘yes’ then it would mean that you have been to Arunachal Pradesh. For those of you who haven’t tasted this local beer; it is an alcoholic beverage made by the people of Memba tribe. You will find some powdered substance on the beer which is millet itself. The locals consume this beer after a hard day’s work on the farm. Since the climate is harsh, millet is the only crop that thrives in Mechuka. The millet-powder is mixed with the beer to act as an energizer. So this drink has, in fact, has three benefits – it can make you tipsy, give you energy and health. All this at the same time. If you have not tried this yet, you certainly should.

A guy holding a glass of Millet beer in his hand.
A must-have drink – The Millet beer

12) To Hike up the ‘Menchukha La’ hill

The real beauty of Mechuka is definitely in seeing the town and the valley from the mountains surrounding it. The ‘Menchukha la’ is one such mountain where a hike to the top gives you a bird’s eye view of Mechuka town below and having a meal there once you reach the top just adds to the awesomeness. On one side you have the town below and on the other, you have the snow-capped peaks. 

A view of various streams connecting with each other in the green Mechuka valley
View from the top of the ‘Menchukha la’ hike!

13) To Say your Prayers at the Gurudwara and Enjoy a Langar

Finding a Gurudwara at a remote location in Arunachal Pradesh is rare. One of the special features of this Gurudwara is that you can have sumptuous langar served by specially appointed members from the Indian army. You can walk on the hanging bridge located just behind the Gurudwara. You can listen to stories of how Guru Nanak once came to Mechuka. This Gurudwara lies 7600 feet above sea level.

14) To Visit a Shepherd’s Hut in Rinjinling

You know those houses on the hills that you see far away while you are driving up to a hill station and wonder how does one reach there. In Mechuka the trek to a shepherd’s hut in Rinjinling is one such trail where you walk up a steep side of a grassy hill to eventually reach a place which has two shepherd’s huts. Yes, two isolated huts in a location populated by huge cows. Take a hike!

A ChaloHoppo guy oversees the green pastures of land in the Mechuka valley.
View of the Rinjinling hike on the way to the shepherd’s hut

15) To Pay Your Homage at the Buddhist Monastery

Hike up to the top of a hill to visit a 400-year-old Buddhist monastery. Here, you can see many carvings, murals of divinities painted on the structure and other ancient artefacts. These have been passed down through many generations but are still very well maintained.

16) To Enjoy a riverside picnic 

The beauty of River Siyom, locally known as Yargyap Chu is yet another reason why you should visit Mechuka. But here’s is an interesting activity that locals enjoy. They call it roasting. It’s basically a live picnic by the riverside where a meal is cooked and some kind of meat, usually chicken is roasted.

Few guys and girsl have pinicnic by the side of the waterfall in Mechuka.
Much lunch by the Siko Dido falls on the way to Mechuka

17) To Get a Chance to See One of IAF Planes

The view from the Gompa is truly exquisite and if you are lucky, you may even see one of the IAF planes. Before landing on the “Advance Landing Ground” (name of the airstrip in Mechuka) the IAF planes take a U-turn around the Gompa.

Guests of ChaloHohoppo posing in front of one of the gompas Gonpas.
Guests of ChaloHohoppo posing in front of one of the gompas

18) To Have a Tete a Tete with the Bravehearts of the Indian Army

This place is certainly filled with intriguing stories and folklore that have been passed down through generations. Explore this paradise and visit the Yarlung Camp at a height of 7934 feet to meet those protecting the boundaries of the country. The gate of the camp is the last point where civilians are allowed without any special permission.

An army shed at the Gurudwara in Mechuka.
Sneak peek into the lives of the armed forces

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A visit to Mechuka is still unorthodox and a very offbeat destination which has high scopes of exploring. You can be one of the few to visit this place and share stories with your friends and perhaps bring them along for lush green holiday here. We at ChaloHoppo curate experiences in Mechuka and you can get in touch here to plan the same.

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  • Sudha Saswati Nayak

    Wow. That was a wonderful virtual tour of Mechuka. The content is amazing too. I am so excited now and cant wait to visit this place with your team. P.S- I couldn't open the blog page in my smartphone through the Link received in the WhatsApp Group. Is it not mobile friendly?

    • Nishant Sinha

      Hi Sudha, Thank you for appreciating the blog. We certainly hope that you end up visiting Mechuka. We are not sure why the blog didn't open in your phone, it seems to be working fine at our end. But we will definitely look at it.

  • Jaya Sinha

    Great blog, really enjoyed the whole description about Mechuka, now I have to plan a trip to Mechuka. Real help if you can write more about other unknown places too.

    • Thank you so much. Glad that this blog makes you want to visit Mechuka. We'll sure write more about the lesser known places of Northeast India.

  • Ronin

    This article is so insightful about Arunachal. There is very little information about this place on a regular travel blog. I think ChaloHoppo team is doing a great job in getting all this travel info out to folks like me so that I can make informed decisions on my itinerary. Without this, I would be lost regarding the stay and food logistics in such areas. Good job guys

    • Thank you for appreciating the effort. We do hope you pay a visit to the place whenever you have enough time for it

  • Sang

    So well-written. Such pretty pictures. When I visit Mechuka in the future, I'd want to try all the above-mentioned activities, from trying out the berries to going on a hike up Menchukha La hill! 😆 Not sure why Bollywood filmmakers prefer distant foreign countries in their songs, when beautiful places like Mechuka are so close right in their home country/one doesn't need to go far off to find pretty places.😊😄

    • Hey Sang, You just said what Nishant has been telling us and it's so true... Northeast could give foreign locations a run for their money.


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