Barkha Singh, Mtv VJ

I’d give a higher rating if it were possible. Visiting the #Northeast every year with chalohoppo is becoming a ritual for me.
The #ziro campsite was not an easy one, especially with all the unexpected rains and landslides, etc. The ChaloHoppo boys did not hesitate to do whatever it took to ensure our comfort even if it meant exceeding their budget. Hell, we were given gumboots the moment we stepped out of the car!

These boys not only pulled it off with minimal hiccups but also put up a great show – the food, the drinks, the tents, the activities, the live performances everything! They also managed a bonfire at the campsite when all the firewood got soaked in the rains!! Above all this, they managed to find time to come chill with us.
The campsite was so much fun that even the artists came to chill with us post their gigs.

Do hit chalohoppo up the next time you decide to go camping or chilling in the north east. I highly recommend it to everyone I know.


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