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The Musical village of Meghalaya

This is the only known music 'skul' in Meghalaya teaching the traditional Khasi tribal music. The skul opens only on Sundays and teaches the kids how to play Khasi instruments for free. The only ray of hope left for the dying traditional Khasi music, the musical school of Wahkhen.   This picture was taken by Gourav Gogoi, aka @gourav_gogoi on a project with us in Meghalaya. 

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Swiping right in Northeast India – Last Updated on 02/08/2019

This generation and the times are such that it demands of us to cash on what's trending. At least that's what the pundits' mantra is. Now if we look at what's the hottest trendsetter out there and is under everyone's thumb, it has to be the digital match maker Tinder. The youth of today would open Tinder while sipping a cup of coffee and swipe away, more as a knee…

The Island with a Natural Light Bulb – Last Updated on 02/08/2019

‘It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times’, it is as though this ancient adage has been fundamental in inspiring the folks at ChaloHoppo to visit less or unexplored places and properties in the North East of India. These ChaloHoppo guys, strive to set up camps and take people to witness the raw magic that nature plays in this part of the country and…

How to pack your bag for a trip to Meghalaya in the monsoons?

How to pack your bag for a trip to Meghalaya in the monsoons? – Last Updated on 02/08/2019

Proudly boasting itself as the “Wettest place on Earth” and quite living up to it, Meghalaya is the ultimate romance of Nature during Monsoon! The exhilarating beauty which the nature displays in its favourite season is something one cannot afford to miss. It is around June-September when the monsoon is at its peak in this region. The giant clouds rising from the Bay of Bengal showers unending rain during this…

Camping near the living root bridges of Meghalaya – Last updated on 02/08/2019

14th April 2017 was special. This was the day when 52 people camped in Nongriat village, Meghalaya – close enough for everyone to hear the living roots breathe at night. This was the first time ever that a group camped for two nights in a village, only accessible by foot where one walks down 3.5 km or 3600 steps to reach it. Starting from a strip of paracetamol to mattresses…

Why must you camp in Northeast India? – Last Updated on 02/08/2019

Let us cut to the chase here and admit that we all want to experience the joy of camping at least once in our lives, don't we? And when it comes to the idea of camping in Northeast India, it does sound fascinating, doesn't it? So, even if you find yourself agreeing to the points mentioned above and are hesitant to make that decision of camping in Northeast India, these…

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