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12 reasons why you should visit Mizoram

12 Reasons Why Mizoram Should Be Next On Your Travelling List!

Mizoram, known as “the land of the hill people” to say the least is a place filled with a natural abundance that can quench the thirst for the traveller in you. It is a canvas that is artistically covered by lush green forests, thick bamboo groves, natural caves, tranquil lakes, gorgeous waterfalls and exquisite vineyards. [caption id="attachment_5547" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Breathing the fresh air in Reiek Tlang[/caption] From innumerable hilltops like…

Best tour packages for North east India 2019 - 2020

ChaloHoppo’s Trip Calendar for 2019 – 2020 | Unique Group Tour Packages for Northeast India – Updated on 17/07/2019

For a very long time, we have refrained from using the term 'tour packages' to describe the experiences we create in Northeast India. There is something very traditional and boring about the terms 'tour packages' and hence we never wrote a blog titled 'Best Northeast India tour packages' or '12 amazing northeast India tour packages'  etcetera. But we have realised that it is a term that people are familiar with…

The sand banks of Majuli

The Eroding Beauty

Sometimes we travel to see new places, sometimes we travel to see new people, and sometimes we travel to see our soul. Have you wondered how life would be if all you had to do was, wake up, take a swim in the river, go sunbathing later in the day, perhaps spend some time fishing or listening to songs that are not only devotional but ensures that you’re at peace…

How to pack your bag for a trip to Meghalaya in the monsoons?

How to pack your bag for a trip to Meghalaya in the monsoons?

Proudly boasting itself as the “Wettest place on Earth” and quite living up to it, Meghalaya is the ultimate romance of Nature during Monsoon! The exhilarating beauty which the nature displays in its favourite season is something one cannot afford to miss. It is around June-September when the monsoon is at its peak in this region. The giant clouds rising from the Bay of Bengal showers unending rain during this…

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