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Top 18 Reasons Why You Should Visit Mechuka

“Do you love to travel?” If we ask you that question you might wonder why and say “Of course I love to and that's  I searched for this information.” However, the meaning of travelling can differ from one person to another. You might be someone who has travelled far and wide and now, you might be looking for some less explored destination. Mechuka in Arunachal Pradesh is one of the…

Best tour packages for North east India 2019 - 2020

ChaloHoppo’s Trip Calendar for 2019 – 2020 | Unique Group Tour Packages for Northeast India – Updated on 17/07/2019

For a very long time, we have refrained from using the term 'tour packages' to describe the experiences we create in Northeast India. There is something very traditional and boring about the terms 'tour packages' and hence we never wrote a blog titled 'Best Northeast India tour packages' or '12 amazing northeast India tour packages'  etcetera. But we have realised that it is a term that people are familiar with…

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Swiping right in Northeast India

This generation and the times are such that it demands of us to cash on what's trending. At least that's what the pundits' mantra is. Now if we look at what's the hottest trendsetter out there and is under everyone's thumb, it has to be the digital match maker Tinder. The youth of today would open Tinder while sipping a cup of coffee and swipe away, more as a knee…

Golden paddy fields of Ziro

The Golden Valley Of Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

In the mighty state of Arunachal Pradesh, where the sun’s rays first reach India, where more than 80% of the land is under forest cover, rests the pristine valley of Ziro. This lush valley is home to the Apatanis, a photographer's muse and a subject of absolute fascination for anthropological and agricultural researchers alike. It has even spiked the interest of UNESCO but is still waiting cold to be declared…

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Another list of top 9 reasons why you must attend the Ziro festival of Music

Planning a trip to the Ziro Festival of Music with the responsibility of putting up 75 people comfortably in a campsite was the coming of age for ChaloHoppo as an experiential travel company in 2016. Since then in 2017 and 2018 we hosted more than 150 festival goers. What we learned from this mega camping experience shall be shared in a later post but this is what we understood about…

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