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Swiping right in Northeast India – Last Updated on 02/08/2019

This generation and the times are such that it demands of us to cash on what’s trending. At least that’s what the pundits’ mantra is. Now if we look at what’s the hottest trendsetter out there and is under everyone’s thumb, it has to be the digital match maker Tinder. The youth of today would open Tinder while sipping a cup of coffee and swipe away, more as a knee jerk reaction to not having anyone around them to speak to. We thought that it might be interesting to make a list of offbeat travel destinations in Northeast India from the Tinder lens. Are you confused? Well, it’s simple. We drew up a list of stunning, charming and mesmerising destinations in Northeast India and conjured up their Tinder bios. Here they are:

  1. Dambuk

    The blue Dibang river passing through Dambuk

I am an ambivert, so not really up to meet all the time. I can show you my oranges and let you pluck them too! I’ll tell you stories about my Dubai visits and how those Arabs love my oranges, that I am sure you’ll be fond of soon. We could dip our fingers in the cold river where we’d raft before dinner! Or I could take you on a bumpy ride over the river bed, and give you memories to remember forever! So are you into things tangy and hard? Hit me up.

  1. Dzuko valley

    A girl rests on a bench overlooking the beautiful Dzukou valley

I can be cold and brutal if you start intruding! Maybe too handsome for you, consider yourself lucky if we match. You’ll have to come a long way to meet me, but once you do, you’ll never forget the night, I promise. Not looking for a relationship.

  1. Longwa

    The Angh or chief of Longwa with his entourage posing with their guns

Belong to a family of head-hunters, so quite good at aiming my machete! Let’s catch up for some opium. I’ll show you my arm tattoo and tell you a tale about how if we’d met at least two decades ago, I’d have had one on my face too. Oh back then, you’d have seen a head hanging outside my hut even during a cold wintry night! If you’re into listening and have an eye for living histories, well, you know how to swipe right! Amen!

  1. Majuli

    A fisherman on a country boat in Majuli

Kshatriya dancer. Theatre is love. Music is life.
Looking for friends who’d be willing to go fishing or watch the sunset. Mask making is my hobby but not fond of dual-faced men. Not looking for hookups. Could think of a relationship, provided you don’t erode me off my patience!

  1. Manas

    A jaguar in Manas national Park, Assam

Young, wild and free! But I am quite reserved as well. Dancing in the rain is a MUST. I live for the love of green and generally a peaceful person so I dare you to wake the tiger in me! An animal lover, so if you don’t get excited looking at rhinos and dogs and cows, I don’t think we can gel well at all!

  1. Mawphanlur

    Kayaks rest near the lake in Mawphanlur

Keen on partying amidst cottony clouds, and here to make friends! Lots and lots of them! Not a date person! Just get your friends and friends of friends and so on and we can all jam beside the pond next to my cottage. Also, I have a thing for changing my hair colour pretty often, you know like green in the monsoons and then brown in the winters but I am equally good looking, no matter what’s the colour of my hair! A little narcissism never harmed anyone.

  1. Menchuka

    Overlooking the beautiful Mechuka valley in Arunachal Pradesh

If you don’t know Bollywood songs from the 80’s are you even alive? A sucker for conversations, I am more of a working hard for your orgasm kind of a guy! Sure to make you feel calm in my arms. Looking for someone who loves nature and can appreciate snow and green fields equally. Always up for a peaceful momo date next to the fireplace in my old wooden house (perhaps inside my blanket?).

  1. Nongkhnum

    The sandy beach at the Nongkhnum river island in Meghalaya

I am an introvert and an extremely shy person. I surround myself with water on all sides, instead of walls. I am interested in knowing who is willing to swim to me or get washed up on my shore! Well, you’ll have to cross painful terrains to actually know me better. But you’ll only be mesmerized when you cross those rivers and roads. You and I can probably go on a boat ride or lie under the starlit sky or bathe under waterfalls. Or we may decide to hike and see the sunset. Yes, I am a die-hard romantic, hoping to meet the one with a wandering heart!

  1. Nongriat

    The double decker living root bridges of Nongriat

Are you into swimming in natural pools and walking through whatever life throws at you? Then maybe, we’re destined to match! Here’s a trivia, I’m more of a rubber tree person. We can talk about this obsession of mine when we meet. Till then let’s bridge differences and hope to make a homestay or pitch a tent, wherever we go, that is, if we match, and if you are willing to climb down 3000 steps just to say hi.

  1. Sangti

    Locals fishing in the Sangti valley

Not looking for the ones pumped up with adrenaline. More of a ‘chill in the hills’ kind of a person! Would love to show you my apples and kiwi farms and introduce you to the sheep in my neighbourhood, that is, if we ever get out of bed!

  1. Shnongpdeng

    A kayak and a country boat on the transparent waters of Umngot river

Is my name too hard to pronounce? Well, you may also call me Dawki. I am like an open book, extremely transparent. I love adventurous people. Water sports are my thing! Here for one night stands, or maybe two! I am sure the pictures have told you, I am always wet and worth the wait too!

  1. Ziro

    The venue of the Ziro festival of music

Well, I am definitely going to get you into a festive mood and make you listen to some good tunes, but also talk about tattoos and drink some local beer! I’d make you want to settle with me, of course, it’ll be the most beautiful affair.

How many of these destinations would you swipe right? Tell us in the comments below. If you actually want to visit these places then you can get in touch with us here!


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