Another list of top 9 reasons why you must attend the Ziro festival of Music

Planning a trip to the Ziro festival of Music with the responsibility of putting up 75 people comfortably in a campsite was the coming of age for ChaloHoppo as an experiential travel company in 2016.What we learned from this mega camping experience shall be shared in a later post but this is what we understood about the Ziro festival of music and why you must attend it. Here are 9 reasons (that we could think of) why you must attend the festival: 

Get detached from the world to associate with your self:

Far, far away from the city life as you will find out when you Google Ziro’s location, this valley village will give you the quiet time to reflect upon life. For all the times when you wished no one could find you and there would be no worries, even if  it was ephemeral, this is it.  The beauty of landscape and the intriguing culture and food will give you ample opportunity to connect to yourself.

Paddy fields of Ziro festival of music
Spend time with yourself.

Stay away from the usual large crowds at various music concerts:

This music festival is great for those who love the music but hate being surrounded by the masses. No rush from one stage to the other.No long queues at the bar. No losing friends in the crowd. Just an uninterrupted view of amazing paddy fields and harmonious music.

Girls at the Ziro festival of Music 2016
Festival goers enjoying themselves.

This will be a road trip to remember as you encounter rustic beauty during your journey to the venue

The music festival is a bonus to visiting the beautiful Northeast India
It is not all about the music festival. So, even if you read this and feel like you aren’t a music festival person then you need not worry. Come here to witness nature’s magic and soothe your soul, music will only add on, to what nature has crafted perfectly for your eyes.

Green paddy fields of Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh
Ziro valley in Arunachal Pradesh

Bid a short goodbye to your typical life, at a low cost

This is the farthest you can get away from all the hustle and bustle of the drudgery of work or whatever you are stuck in. Forget about your managers, leads, team members, laptops and all your excel sheets. Yes, Europe would be amazing but this comes at one fifth the price so take it. For example a complete package of Ziro festival including festival passes, 4 nights of camping with breakfast and transfer from Guwahati railway station and back costs only Rs 13,500 inclusive of taxes. 

Fans at the Ziro festival of music
One of the campers Jochen enjoying himself during a walk through the paddy fields of Ziro during ZFM 2016

Feel the essence of a festival largely organized by the locals:

It is truly a community led event and an ideal representation of how music can connect people from different demographics and socio economic backgrounds. The Apatanis are helpful and welcoming of everyone who comes down to their land.

Mithuns in Ziro
A camper feeding salt to the Mithuns during a trek in Ziro

Quench all your queries regarding the Apatani tribe:

Meet the Apatani people who you must have read about or seen images of, on the internet. The Apatani people are easily identified by their distinct face tattoos and nose piercings. Talk to them, make merry and break bread or rather tear meat with them.The vibe is not just at the venue but the surrounding villages.

Traditional Apatani homes in Hong village, Ziro
Walking through Hong village – an Apatani village an done of the largest village in the world

Get acquainted with delicacies that you have never heard of:

You may not drool at the sight of fried frogs, roasted rats and grasshoppers on skewers but it is a rare display of delicacies; one that you should savour in your memories if not your stomach. For the less adventurous ones, there’s plenty of pork, beer and chicken on offer.

Authentic Apatani food at the Chalohoppo campsite in Ziro
Fish and minced chicken- egg cooked inside bamboo hollows

For once do away with the Kingfishers and the Budweisers:

This is the best part of the festival where you have multiple options of local brews to choose from. Since each brew has a distinct taste, you spend the first couple of days sampling varieties to finally settle down your choice of poison. You then spend the next two days chugging the drink from your bamboo glasses.

camping at the Ziro festival of music
Local wines being served at the ChaloHoppo Campsite

Fall in love and stay in love forever:

If you’re in love and want to spend some peaceful time with your partner, bring him or her along. Let, the music weave magic to soothe your and your beloved’s soul. Enjoy the lovely moments of life and build memories of a lifetime. Make new friends to share your joys with.

Attending the Ziro festival of music 2017
Campers lost in thoughts at the Ziro festival of Music 2016

ChaloHoppo puts up a lovely campsite called the ChaloHoppo village at the Ziro festival of music every year and also plans other trips to the region. Book your tents for Ziro festival of music 2017.

Photo credits: Javed Photography from ChaloHoppo village 2016


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