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Mising Homestay

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This homestay is perfect for a couple looking for an offbeat romantic getaway. A traditional cottage on stilts with a fireplace/ kitchen inbuilt makes the whole set up quite cosy. A beautiful sit out area in the courtyard with bamboo furniture completes the setting.

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    All about Mising Homestay.

    About the village

    Baligaon has been declared as Assam’s first green village awarded by the Indian Green Business Council.
    Sometimes villages are made or broken by the headman. Prime ministers and chief ministers don’t reach these parts.  In the case of Baligon, the headman Komison Mili is a personality that can’t be ignored. He is the visionary who has put Baligaon on the map of Assam and the recognition as a green village is only the beginning of what the village and its dwellers can achieve.

    Distance from the main town
    How to reach


    Breakfast isn’t a part of Mising tradition, like most other northeastern tribes. However, sticky rice with jaggery and tea will be served and it is good to set you up for the day.

    For lunch and dinner, the hosts prepare a completely traditional meal. When we say traditional it isn’t just the food. Even the plates that the food is served in is made fresh by cutting and intelligently tweaking banana stem. The setting of the lunch makes it even more special.
    Yes, you will be served by the river bank. The food and the local brew.

    Dinner, which is another lovely traditional Mishing meal can be had by the bonfire or in your traditional hut which has a kitchen and a fireplace.

    Know your host

    Mr Maheshwar Mili and his better half Mrs Senai Mili will be your hosts. The best part of the Mili homestay experience was the talented craftsman Mr Mili and of course the master chef wife Mrs Senai. Mr Mili is skilled enough and just by way of observing and learning to replicate almost anything that can be constructed with bamboo and cane. For instance the dustbin the homestay is a piece of art in itself. Mr Mili had seen the plastic dustbins that open up the lid upon pressing a pedal. With no training and just by observing the mechanism, he made the dustbin. So you are most likely going to ask him to either customise things like bamboo phone covers for you or even that dustbin or something else.


    1. Rowing a fisherman’s canoe (depending on the water current)
    2. Crossing over to a seasonal sandy island on a canoe and feel like Tom Hanks in Castaway(don’t worry you will be brought back)
    3. Trying your hands at traditional loin loom/ handloom weaving
    4. Cycle through the village lanes

    Points of interest

    1. Note Things to keep in mind

      Even though people can choose to stay as long as they please in the homestay, for sake of convenience and ease of planning this tour, we are sharing the ideal itinerary while staying at the Mising homestay.

    2. Day 1 The day your journey begins

      Drive from Guwahati or Tezpur or anywhere else which is a 4 to 5-hour drive in a way that you reach the village by lunchtime.

      We would then immediately drive to the riverside where lunch shall be had. It isn’t going to be just another lunch. We will be rowing over to a pristine beach across the river and lip-smacking traditional Mising food will follow in the canoe after you.

      White sand, scrumptious food, healthy rice beer and a beautiful sunset will set you up for the evening.

      Once back at the homestay, you can choose to sit around the bonfire outside or have the fire inside your traditional Mising hut.

      The hosts will cook you dinner made with love and, hopefully, you will appreciate this. Then more local rice beer and conversations by the fire.

    3. Day 2 The day you prepare to come back

      The cute piggies in the backyard or the neighbour’s chickens may wake you up. And that’s alright. You must have been bored of waking up to the sound of digital alarms anyway, no?

      After breakfast, grab a cycle and head out for a little pedal time in the village.

    Facilities at the Homestay


    • The rooms have coffee, tea and milk powder sachets in case you want to make your own drink.
    • Charging points for devices are also available (yes, it is a village so this needs to be mentioned specifically)
    • Toilets are not attached but it is just behind the house and the bathroom is clean with a western toilet.
    • Toiletries and towels are also available. However, we request you to carry your own toothbrushes to avoid wastage and be eco-friendly in the simplest way possible.
    • Bonfire is a part of the experience.
    • Ample space for parking.
    • Hot water can be arranged for on request.

    Rules and restrictions

    1. Smoking is allowed.
    2. Alcohol consumption is allowed and you can try the local brew called Chai mod or Porro apong
    3. There is no restriction in terms of check in and check out time but it is a homestay so we expect visitors to be considerate

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