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How do you define a wooden home in a beautiful Himalayan valley home to a family which will become your extended family once you spend a few nights there? This Memba house is in the centre of the town in gorgeous Mechuka where conversations around the kitchen fire will stay with you forever.

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    All about Best Homestay in Mechuka | DD Homestay.

    About the village

    Menchukha has something magical about it. Not just that the word Menchukha literally translates into “a place where medicinal water from snow flows”. Whether it is the remoteness of it or the fact that it happens to be the last Indian town in its direction before we cross into Tibet (Or China as they claim) or the scenic setting which turns green, brown and white based on the season you are visiting or the warmest people who inhabit the valley. It is quite special. This is the first village on a drive from tropical forested Arunachal Pradesh that has alpine vegetation. The journey to reach this place is a tough one. One that is worth all the troubles.

    Distance from the main town

    How to reach

    You will be treated to some traditional Memba dishes and delicacies like “ghee chai”, “paa”, ask Khandu for some more names of traditional food items.  Khapsey, momos, tingmos etc.

    You can actually learn the art of making momos and go back and show off to your friends back home. The hosts are also adept at making rotis

    The one night where “roasting” by the riverside happens is a special treat.

    Know your host

    Khandu sir as we call him first met us serendipitously in a “ Tata Sumo” on our first ever trip exploring Mechuka. Back in 2016 before he had constructed his homestay, he hosted us at his aunt’s home. Khandu Philley is a teacher at a local school in Mechuka and is a gregarious person. Always ready with the next question. He has 2 young naughty boys who will be your buddies if you were looking to revisit your childhood.  A cancer threat in 2018 shook him and the family but later that year he completed the construction of his homestay and now he is all set to receive you.


    Points of interest

    1. Note Things to note

      Ideally, we recommend spending at least 4 nights in Mechuka because it makes your effort of visiting this place worth it. If are looking for a shorter stay then the same can be planned accordingly.

    2. Day 1 The day you just reach Mechuka

      Leave from Along, early in the morning, starting by 6 am would be ideal.

      Keep in mind that the drive with only 2 stipulated pitstops takes about 8 hours.

      Today you will reach Mechuka just before the sun sets and ideally take rest and get acquainted with your hosts.

    3. Day 2 The day you hike up ‘Mechuka la’

      Last night you would have been a little tired. If you liked last night’s butter tea then the same shall be had now for breakfast.

      You met the hosts of the homestay last night remember? As per today’s plan you – hike! Yay!

      You will almost walk the length of Mechuka town but at a higher elevation which will give you almost bird-like views of the town. It will be long, hence packed lunch will be had atop the hill.
      Specific brief about how to prepare for this day hike will be shared when you sign up. Don’t worry.

      It’s going to be handy to keep the cameras charged since you may lose count of the number of photographs you click.

      By evening we should be back at the homestay or just loiter around Mechuka town. Perhaps pay Abdul’s restaurant a visit?

      Who is Abdul now? You will find out.

    4. Day 3 The day we have langar at Gurdwara

      You have worked hard so far. Sleep a little late today. You can stay in bed till 8 30 am. That according to the rest of the country’s time would be around 10 am. Good enough?

    5. Day 4 Get ready for another hike

      Another hike today! How’s the body and the mind feeling now, eh? It better be good because Dorjeeling which is your first village pitstop before hiking to the shepherd’s hut in Rinjinling. It is a beauty and your mind needs to be clear to be absorbing the positive energy.

      We should definitely pull over by the riverside and dip our feet in the waters and it would be a good time to invest some energy in wild berry plucking. It’s very addictive to pluck one and put it straight in your mouth and the worst part is that you keep eating them as you collect them and eventually you have none to show (depends on the season).

      After this distraction, you are again set on your path to hike up the trail. It is ideal to carry some simple gifts for the shepherd whose hut you are visiting. It would be nice if he is free to sit with you for a cup of his special ghee chai. It’s not going to be very nippy but it will be pleasant with a hint of chill in the air. So the ghee chai will be perfect.

      His hut in this obscurely lush grazing paradise is like travelling in a time machine and visiting a place at the confluence of the changing times, changing governments and flexible identities. Have a light lunch in that hut, perhaps time to cut open that packet of Maggi?

    6. Day 5 Time to bid goodbye

      Did you sleep last night? It’s time to bid goodbye. Your new family will miss you. You should ideally not want to leave but a family bound by blood waits back home. Perhaps a job as well that lets you fund the wanderlust waits too.

    Facilities at the Homestay


    • The rooms have coffee, tea and milk powder sachets in case you want to make your own drink.
    • There are rooms with attached toilets and also ones that are shared.
    • Room heaters are available since it can get quite cold in the winters.
    • Ample space for parking one vehicle.
    • Hot running water is available. 

    Rules and restrictions

    1. Smoking is allowed.
    2. Alcohol consumption is allowed and you can try the local brews made out of millet, “chang” as they call it.
    3. There is no restriction in terms of check in and check out time but it is a homestay so we expect visitors to be considerate

    A: Relax! We got your back for that. We will get your Inner Line Permit made. It is included in the package

    Overall Rating
    Ranjit Boruah
    Reviewed On 14/02/2020

    I had stayed at this homestay for two nights and its awesome. Its like you are in your own home. So thank you DD homestay and thanks to


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