Bird's eye view of the travellers starting the canyoning session!
At one of the calmer parts of the river
Camping in Mawlyngbna
Jump for joy!
Kayaking on calm waters in the Um Kha Koi lake

ChaloHoppo for a River Canyoning Experience in Mawlyngbna!

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If you grew up in these villages of Meghalaya, you would never need an amusement park in your life. From serene spots in the jungle to exciting river activities and picturesque lakes, they have it all. Go find a pair of swimming trunks!

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All about ChaloHoppo for a River Canyoning Experience in Mawlyngbna!.

With abundant activities like river canyoning, kayaking, zip lining and lots of swimming, this trip is meant for those with an adventurous spirit.

The lesser known villages of Meghalaya are where the authentic experiences of the region are at its best. With numerous waterfalls, lakes, rivers, caves and unending meadows, these villages are the perfect getaway for the offbeat traveller.

You can choose to rough it out while you are river canyoning or just relax by kayaking over still waters. If you aren’t someone who enjoys chilly water then just take a walk around the village guided by the faint sound of cattle bells. If you are into photography or have been waiting to try your hand at poetry and enjoy diving into nostalgia, you might want to stay back forever.

Here’s a video that we created from our last visit. It’s a quick one but gives you an idea of what to expect:

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  1. Stay in comfortable, clean and hygienic accommodation
  2. Transport to and from Shillong in shared vehicles
  3. Breakfast on day 2 and 3
  4. Lunch on day 2
  5. Dinner on day 1 and day 2
  6. Life jackets, helmets, local experts for the river canyoning activity
  7. River canyoning charges
  8. Zip lining and kayaking charges and equipment
  9. One ChaloHoppo guy as a tour leader
  10. Parking and toll charges
  11. Driver allowance, food and accommodation
Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  1. Airfare charges
  2. All food & beverages costs apart from the ones mentioned above
  3. Any camera fees
  4. Hotel & driver tips (since the locals earn low wages, your tips will show your appreciation)
  5. Entry ticket fees to Museums, Parks, etc.
  6. Any personal expenditure (Toiletries, medicines, etc.)
  7. Cost incidental to any change in the itinerary/ stay on account of flight cancellation due to bad weather, ill health, roadblocks and/or any factors beyond control.
  8. Anything not specifically mentioned under the head “Inclusions”.
  1. Day 1 Heading into the village where once dinosaurs walked

    To describe this destination, we have come up with an analogy, see if it makes sense to you.  If you grew up in Mawlyngbna, you would never need an adventure park in your life and we say this because of the river canyoning activity that the river in Mawlyngbna offers! Beyond canyoning, the village is filled with serene spots in the jungle and some interesting fossils.


    • Gather outside the Centre point hotel in Police Bazaar by 1 pm after your lunches are concluded.
    • Shared vehicle leaves at 1:30 pm towards Mawlyngbna. 
    • Short walk to a natural pool to unwind for the day.
    • Village walk will give you a sneak peek into the life of the Khasi people inhabiting this hamlet.
    • Head to the town for some tea and snacks. (not included in the plan)
    • Change up, take a bath and relax before bonfire and chilling in the evening.
    • Sumptuous dinner

    Total drive time from Shillong to Mawlyngbna will be 3 hours.

    Overnight stay at Mawlyngbna Camp/ Cottages
    Complimentary tea will be available upon request at the campsite.
    Life jackets will be provided. 
    One doesn’t have to be a swimmer to participate in this activity. 
    Unless someone has a phobia of water the activity can be enjoyed by 

  2. Day 2 River canyoning experience!

    Mawlyngbna is our favourite place for a summer/ monsoon retreat. River canyoning your way to the ‘Um kha koi reservoir would have be the highlight today. Jumping off rocks, crawling, scrambling, sliding over others, basically trekking over the river’s route is what river is canyoning is all about.
    Today you wake up in the morning and head out for a trek to Lew Luri Lura will start the day. According to local folklore, Lew Luri Lura was a marketplace for animals thousands of years back, during a time when animals could speak. The depressions are believed to be footprints of the large animals.

    As you trek to this spot, our local guide will also show you fossils of species such as the starfish from a time when Meghalaya was under water.

    This will be followed by river canyoning.

    Plan of the day: 

    • Wake up call at 7 am.
    • Breakfast at 8 am.
    • Trek begins at 9 am and it will take roughly an hour and a half to reach the waterfall.
    • Head out for river canyoning!
    • Follow it up with zip lining and kayaking!
    • If you have energy and depending on weather conditions, visit the split rock.
    • Packed lunch at the river canyoning site.
    • Short night hike to viewpoint seating area overlooking the village of Mawlyngbna
  3. Day 3 Time to head back to the city

    Many of you wouldn’t want to go back and that is only natural. But everyone else needs to leave after breakfast.

    If you want to extend your trip you can always write to us here. Just fill the details in the form at the bottom of the page and we shall have a kickass plan ready.




They have a geyser in the cottage, in a remote village of Meghalaya, isn’t that reassuring? Choose between camping and cottages.

Entry to the states of Meghalaya does not require a permit.

A most definite yes, as long as you are okay travelling in a mixed group of other solo travellers or small group of friends.

Not all travellers who sign up for a tour with ChaloHoppo are swimmers so the experience doesn’t get hampered due to lack of that skill. It is certainly an advantage for those can swim but life jackets can be rented along with a guide to ensure safety of the travellers.

  • Raincoats, umbrellas
  • Sports socks and Swimwear for the Nongriat trek(if the waters are clean we may go for a swim), you can also get swimming goggles or snorkelling masks, and swimming cap
  • Trekking shoes (basic ones will do)
  • quick dry towels (plastic bag/ ziplock to carry your wet clothes)
  • Allergy medications and other medicines, since these are very remote places with very little access to most basic things.
  • A non disposable water bottle to fill water and AVOID BUYING MINERAL WATER
  • ID Proof – Voters card/ Pan Card/ Passport/ Drivers license/ Aadhar cardYou can always buy these things from the Decathlon (1 km away from the airport) in Guwahati, if you wish.

Other things that you may bring along :
Tissue rolls
head lamps/ Torches with batteries
Playing cards and small board games,in case you don’t feel sleepy at night
Bottle openers
Go pro for under water shots

Ideally, a small backpack with a rain cover should be convenient.

Homestay: Alcohol shall not be provided at the homestays, so those who enjoy their drinks are advised to carry it from before.

Canyoning : You have to be careful as the river currents can be strong. You must be prepared for minor bruises. Always follow the guide’s instruction and advice.

Disposing Waste Properly:  Avoid plastic.  Throw things in the dustbin. Do not leave behind waste that you brought with you.

The cultural diversity of northeast India is so vast that we can’t blame outsiders for not being aware of communities in the region who are purely vegetarians, so much so that they avoid eating onions( they are indigenous to the region, in case you are thinking about communities from mainland India who have settled here). Having said that, we must admit that the region’s food habits especially in the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram and Meghalaya are predominantly non vegetarian with a whole lot of red meat based preparations. But the states have warmed up to tourists recently and almost every place you visit will provide the Indian staple diet of rice, dal and sabji, even chapatis if you are lucky. As far as Tripura, Assam, Manipur and Sikkim are concerned vegetarians have decent number of options. Your craving for butter paneer may not be satisfied, but you will do just fine as far as maintaining your health and strength is concerned.

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