Explore the Mythical Mizoram.
Walk in the village of Dungtlang

ChaloHoppo to a Mythical Mizoram!

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From exploring the organised streets of Aizawl to walking the narrow roads of a small village next to Burma; driving through the Wild Mizoram for days to trekking up to the Mythical Mountains; tasting the Myanmar Beer in Burma to cooking Mizo dishes with the grannies of the village; live the Mythical Mizoram!

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All about ChaloHoppo to a Mythical Mizoram!.

It’s hard to find yourself in the middle of the uncountable green folds spread across two countries. While you admire the beauty of the majestic Tlangs (Mountains) of Eastern Mizoram, take out time to listen and become the Mythical stories responsible for their existence.  Live the traditional Mizo village life, learn and teach kids, pick up fresh veggies from the fields, go for night crab hunting and begin your days greeting the Burma Land. Play football on barren fields with kids and share thoughts with the young and old of the villages over a cup of tea.

How many times would you walk into Burma, just to click the town and gulp some Local Beer?

Time to not travel but LIVE the traditional Mizoram, the Eastern Land of Myths!

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Breakfast and Dinner on all the days.
  • Accommodation on twin sharing basis in Hotels.
  • ChaloHoppo Guy as the tour leader.
  • Transport throughout the trip.
  • Parking, tolls, driver allowance, driver accommodation and driver food.
  • All necessary permits to enter Mizoram.
  • A local expert guide.
  • All the activities on the trip.
Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Airfare charges.
  • All food & beverages cost apart from the ones mentioned above.
  • Trekking shoes and clothing ( Any personal equipment).
  • Any camera fees.
  • Hotel & driver tips if any, since the locals earn low wages, your tips can show your appreciation)
  • Any personal expenditure (Toiletries, medicines, etc.).
  • Cost incidental to any change in the itinerary/ stay on account of flight cancellation due to bad weather, ill health, roadblocks and/or any factors beyond control.
  • Anything not specifically mentioned under the head “Inclusions”.
  1. Day 1 Welcome Mizoram with ChaloHoppo.

    Ease out your shoulders and back by sinking in your bed and head for an authentic Mizo Lunch (Get ready to challenge your taste Buds!). Next, we head for a small city walk to the State Museum.
    And take a detour around the Bara Bazaar, click the punk youths and smooth organised Mizo city life, a glimpse of Korean culture. Head to small eateries and taste the local Vawk Sa Momos(Pork) and Sushis. Experience the unique two-wheeler taxi rides to head back to our Hotel for some much-needed rest.
    Head for a night drive around an awake but quite, Aizawl to end your day. Capture the mist passing over the dim city lights on the mountains, while you sip on some Thengpui San (Laal Cha) a moment that will stay forever.

  2. Day 2 Greet the Eastern Mizo with ChaloHoppo

    It’s a long day of travelling covering 188 km. on bumpy Mizo roads to head to Champhai. Now is the time to wear off the modern Mizoram and wear in the less explored Eastern Mizoram. The land of myths, the first to host the early migrants from Burma, later came to be known as Mizos!

    We visit the quiet Tam Dil, one of the known lakes of the State. Wander around listening to the mythical love story which gave birth to this serene lake.

    After 9 hours of travel, reach Champhai. It’s been a long day of travels. Time for you to sink into your bed and get the much-needed rest.

  3. Day 3 Breathe in Burma with ChaloHoppo

    It’s the day when you will cross the border and step into Burma.

    Leave from Champhai making your way through paddy fields, to reach Zokhawthar. The border town on the Indian side actually gives more of a secluded village feel. This will be your first experience of staying with a Mizo family!

    Next, we head walking to Burma, a five-minute walk from your room, cross over the bridge that doesn’t belong to any boundaries and find your feet in Myanmar! Head for a story walks to the sacred heart-shaped lake, Rih Dil,  4 km inside Burma. After a dip in the lake, grab a Myanmar Beer with some local snacks. Exchange currencies and gulp the cold one with a view of Rih Dil to your right.

    Head to the other side for short story trail to Chong chilli Lium, time to glance at the sun reflecting off the still Rih Dil. After this, we head back to the market to shop in Burma! Buy the known Tankha and interested people can head to the tiny local bars of Burma to try some Zufang!

    It’s time to head back to your native land and continue walking through the village, with your guide; a 20-year-old mother of a year old son. Keep your cameras out to capture portraits and get your kicks on to try some shootouts with the locals.

    While the sunsets, capture the gleams through Tiau River.  Back to your Homestay for some Thengpui San! Greet your hosts, dine with them, share with them, play with the never tired kids around the house, and learn how to cook Mizo food or just choose to quietly soak the picture of Burma from your window.

    Sleep to the sounds of winds coming from the other side.

  4. Day 4 Live the Mizo Village life with ChaloHoppo

    After an early breakfast bid farewell to your family and leave to meet the new one, 70 km far from here. Greet Dungtlang!

    Dungtlang will remind you of that perfectly painted picture of a village in a Ruskin Bond’s book. With as few as about 120 houses, the village has a history of leaving an everlasting smile on your face. Settle in your new homestays, where all the windows will overlook the folds of mountains leading into Burma.

    Head to the local school with as many as 119 students and spend your afternoon helping them clean the campus. All of them will be willing enough to pose for pictures. In return, you can teach them a song, poem or some Hindi? Spend time with the kids who will soon take you to their personal Mizo Carts!

    Head to Sir John’s place, once a working-class hero chose to come back to his roots to teach kids of his village. Know his thoughts on the modern Mizo tradition and the scars left on his family from the air bombings on Mizoram.

    Go for a walk in the village or just head to the field to try your soccer skills with the kids. After dinner head down to Tiau river for some night crab hunting, the old Mizo technique which still follows in the roots of the villages on the border.

  5. Day 5 Know the Myths of Mizoram with ChaloHoppo

    Wake up and sip on some Thengpui glancing the quiet mountains of Burma. Time for another short story trail to Lianchhiari Lunglen Tlang, overlooking the valley towards Aizawl. Sit on the hanging rock jutting out, while you hear the heartbreaking mythical story chief’s daughter and her love.

    Take the following into thick forests making way to the ruins of the 700 villages that once prospered here. These ruins are untouched and not known by a lot of natives as well. Find your eyes locking on the ruins with carvings from the ancient Mizo times and that of sitting areas, kitchens and a pathway leading to nowhere.

    Once you are back from your exploration, time to pack and leave for an 80 min. drive to your next home, Vaphai.

    A village known for its rich mythical sites is much more developed than Dungtlang. After settling in your rooms, head to the village to shop the local handicrafts and spend time understanding the Mizo delicacies from the local’s mouth.

    Dine with the family sharing your experience and listen to know Mizo tradition better.

  6. Day6 Trek to Mythical Lands of Mizoram with ChaloHoppo

    Stuff up your stomach with traditional Mizo breakfast, much needed for the day full of trekking. First head for a story trail to Thasiama Seho Nehina, the U shaped cliff, impossible to climb. Trek up to the top while you hear the story of Thasiama and his Mithun. No cameras might do justice to the view of ever-lastinig sheets of mountains of Burma, from the top.

    We then head to Fiara Tui, the holy place hidden deep inside the dense virgin forests of Vaphai. The place claims to have a hidden source of water which according to the Mizos is the tastiest of all.

    If time and our stamina permit we trek to Tan Tlang, the fairy mountain where the fairy kings and queens reside. Come back to your home in Vaphai.

  7. Day7 Drive From Traditional to Modern Mizoram with ChaloHoppo

    Wake up and head back to Aizawl after breakfast. The day will be a tiring one travelling 230 km back to the capital.

    Ease your body into the cosy beds, take that hot water shower and sink in your soft pillows. Take that long deep sleep! Much needed!

  8. Day 8 Explore the Capital, Aizawl with ChaloHoppo

    Wake up and explore Aizawl. Head to the Japanese Cafe and a street walk through the city. Click the punk youths and smooth organised Mizo city life, a glimpse of Korean culture. Head to small eateries and taste the local Vawk Sa Momos(Pork) and Sushis. Experience the unique two-wheeler taxi rides to head to the view sunset from the best viewing galleries of the city.

    Head to the visit RT! The 58-year-old cowboy who has been collecting antics from all around the world, containing World War II Helmets, Kitanas, Naga guns from the British struggle days and more. Know his interesting stories of meeting people around the world and buy the ones you would fancy in your home.

    Get the night going with your glasses filled with the local Rice Beer, Zufang! A night drive to get the magical view of Aizawl and some music in the air, let Zufang do its job just fine.

  9. Day 9 Ka-Lawm-E Mizoram!

    It’s time to bid farewell to this unexplored gem, Mizoram! Kaw law me!


Champhai Tourist Lodge.

The perfect place to stay in the higher region of Aizawl. The food and services are apt and friendly for the first time travellers to the Unexplored Mizo Land.

Champhai Tourist Lodge
The serene abode in the beautiful land of rice fields. The view of the continuous rice fields from your balconies will make you fall in love of this land far east!

Local Authentic Homestays in Zokhawthar, Vaphai and Dungtlang. 

The basic but authentic homestays in the border village of Zokhawthar, Dungtlang and Vaphai will give you the feel of living like Mizos. Live the pleasure of living and eating like the Mizos do!  

30 Days prior to arrival: 50% refund
15 Days prior to arrival: 25% refund
Less than 15 Days prior to arrival : 0% refund

What type of bag to carry?
Carry a small bag(10 to 15 litres) for your trek that can fit essential toiletries and change of clothes for 1 night to reduce the weight on your shoulders and make the trek easier.
Basic toiletries and allergy medications and tissue rolls (if you need)
head lamps/ Torches with batteries
quick dry towels
band aids
ID Proof – Voters card/ Pan Card/ Passport/ Drivers license/ Aadhar card (to be sent on mail upon confirming the trip to [email protected])

Other things that you may bring along :
Sun tan lotion
Playing cards and small board games,in case you don’t feel sleepy at night
Any sort of alcoholic beverages
Go pro for under water shots

We will have pick up and drop facility to and from the Guwahati airport once you share the arrival time of your flight.

Campsite: Please avoid carrying plastic bottles or even buying sealed bottles while at the venue as want to have a litter free zone as much as possible.

Swimming: You have to be careful as it’s deep and sometimes the current could pull you in. If you aren’t a swimmer, please mention that specifically and put a request for renting a life jacket on email.

Avoid plastic: Please avoid buying mineral water, specifically while in Nongriat(Double decker living root bridges village) since it is a major cause of pollution in the delicate eco system of Nongriat. Remember to take up whatever you bring down.

Service: Though we will try our best to give you great service, please understand we won’t be able to give you hot towels, bed tea and the like.

Entry to the states of Mizoram does require a permit (ILP).

A most definite yes, as long as you are okay travelling in a mixed group of other solo travellers or small group of friends.

Not all travellers who sign up for a tour with ChaloHoppo are swimmers so the experience doesn’t get hampered due to lack of that skill. It is certainly an advantage for those can swim but life jackets can be rented along with a guide to ensure safety of the travellers.

  • Winter jacket
  • balaclava/ beanie (something that covers your ears and your head)
  • Sports socks and Swimwear for the trek, you can also get swimming goggles or snorkelling masks, and swimming cap
  • Raincoat (just in case, since you are travelling in ‘abode of clouds’)
  • Trekking shoes (basic ones will do)
  • quick dry towels (plastic bag/ ziplock to carry your wet clothes)
  • Allergy medications and other medicines, since these are very remote places with very little access to most basic things.
  • A non-disposable water bottle to fill water and AVOID BUYING MINERAL WATER
  • ID Proof – Voters card/ Pan Card/ Passport/ Drivers license/ Aadhar cardYou can always buy these things from the Decathlon (1 km away from the airport) in Guwahati, if you wish.

Other things that you may bring along :
Tissue rolls
headlamps/ Torches with batteries
Playing cards and small board games, in case you don’t feel sleepy at night
Bottle openers
Go pro for underwater shots

Ideally a 60-litre backpack should be convenient, however, there is no real hiking or trekking with the bags, so a suitcase or trolley is also fine.
Do carry a separate smaller bag(10 to 15 litres) for your trek down to village that can fit essential toiletries and change of clothes for 1 night only to reduce the weight on your shoulders and make the trek easier.

The cultural diversity of northeast India is so vast that we can’t blame outsiders for not being aware of communities in the region who are purely vegetarians, so much so that they avoid eating onions( they are indigenous to the region, in case you are thinking about communities from mainland India who have settled here). Having said that, we must admit that the region’s food habits especially in the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram and Meghalaya are predominantly non vegetarian with a whole lot of red meat based preparations. But the states have warmed up to tourists recently and almost every place you visit will provide the Indian staple diet of rice, dal and sabji, even chapatis if you are lucky. As far as Tripura, Assam, Manipur and Sikkim are concerned vegetarians have decent number of options. Your craving for butter paneer may not be satisfied, but you will do just fine as far as maintaining your health and strength is concerned.

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