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Camp Fabian

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Camping next to a river that you can see through with moonlight or a starry sky is the only source of light is not something you experience every day, or you have a secret life? All the adventures of cliff diving, zip lining, kayaking and swimming are just a bonus. Roll your sleeves already!

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    All about Camp Fabian.

    About the village

    When winter comes can one keep himself away from the call of the Umngot river?

    The water recedes, revealing the sandy banks which are now ready for your tents to be pitched in. Stones are gathered and dry firewood collected to keep you warm at night while the cool wind blowing across the river keep the fire ablaze.

    The river itself gives up on its shy nature as it lets you see through, right to the bottom of its stony bed with the view only interrupted by the fish swimming above it. When you go down scuba diving or snorkelling in its clear waters after zip lining across its breadth, you must remember to breathe while your heart pounds in excitement!

    Distance from Dawki bridge:
    How to reach:


    Know your host
    Fabian ke barey main kya likhu?  You will know when you meet the bunch of locals. Fabian and his companions are filled with surprises.


    Canoe ride
    Cliff diving
    Bonfire making (in winters only)

    Points of interest

    Tamabil border (Indo Bangla), Dawki town (Umngot river), Bangladesh viewpoint

    1. Note Things to keep in mind

      Even though people can choose to stay as long as they please at the camp, for sake of convenience and ease of planning this tour, we are sharing the ideal itinerary while staying at ChaloHoppo Village, Camp Fabian.

    2. Day 1 The day you arrive at camp from anywhere

      Reach camp Fabian by lunchtime. Go for a canoe ride through the silent, transparent and stony river, guarded by huge naked rocks with thick forests that appear like mohawks on them. Jump from a cliff of your choice, once or as many times as you like. Take a kayak and manoeuvre yourself back to camp. Just swim, but with the life jacket on.

      Head back to camp for some hot roasted potatoes, a cup of tea, and an omelette. While dinner gets prepared to put on some music and chill. Go for a night walk to the hanging bridge, if you are looking for something thrilling. Stargaze if it has been a while.

      Eat, dance, sing, stargaze, sleep!

    3. Day 2 The day you say goodbye

      Breakfast will be served between 8 to 9 am. Check out needs to happen by 12 pm. You can plan your day accordingly.

    Facilities at the Campsite


    Three people, Fresh and Black Tents with comfortable mats and sleeping bags.
    Pillows in the tents.
    Bonfire area is a part of the experience.
    Permanent Bathrooms and Toilets. (2 western and 1 Indian style)
    Hot Water can be arranged on request.
    24*7 running water.
    Parking Space.
    Open space.
    We also serve the local rice beer*

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