Travelling is one of the best escapes that can steal moments from our otherwise usual daily ways of living; which only confines most of us to that black chair. Our mind and eyes do travel all the time and the fingers guide the way to the destinations we’d love to explore; but this mostly remains detained within the boundaries of our mobiles, tabs, MacBooks or the laptops. People love to travel solo or with different groups that they are comfortable with. Leisure travel is usually considered as the one to be relaxed, fun, filled with excitement and whatever one wants to do. Leisure travel is the one that can be done either with friends, family or anyone. This usually includes staying in comfortable hotels, homestays, going around in cars. But the form of leisure travel is something that is not bound by any particular definition. The meaning can change according to what different people see as leisure. For e.g. Trekking down 3000+ steps of Nongriat to reach the Double-Decker living root bridges and the Rainbow Falls might be a cakewalk for some and considered as a part of leisure. But for others, it might be a challenging trip and thus it will not fall under leisure travel.

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