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When you hear the word camping there would be various images that float in your mind. For some of you it would be to go to the beach and get suntanned, enjoy the breeze that flows past the sea and play beach volleyball or run around dipping your legs in the sea sand or perhaps make sand castles. Making sand castle does that sound childish to you? Aren’t we all childs somewhere in our hearts? There might be some who like the idea of packing ultra-light gears into the backpack and go off to hiking in wilderness to discover cultures unknown to many.

Camping for is us not just about getting away from the daily routine of our lives, getting out of the comfort of that Jacuzzi and be one with nature. It’s to make ourselves realise that the world and culture is not just limited to what we experience everyday but it’s boundless and unlimited. There are few things that we must unlearn to enjoy the moments of the rural and rustic way of living. Camping in the technical sense means spending a night out in open pitching your tent and gazing at the starry night sky; and preparing yourself for the recreational activities and making new friends at the campsite or probably be away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  

Our dear friend and eminent blogger Vikas Palkkot, one of the co- authors of "Beyond The Wall" went on a trip to Dzukou valley with us and camped at our Campsite Yedikha. Vikas and Divya are known for their budget travels (who doesn't want to save a few bucks here and there) to beautiful destinations across the globe. You can know more about Vikas's camping experience with us here.

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Best Seasons:All year
Popular Location:Meghalaya, Arunachal pradesh

Camping Tours

    ChaloHoppo to a Frozen Dzukou Valley

    4 Days

    From the frozen rivers in the winters to rare lilies in the monsoons, Dzukou offers the trekker with something they’ll cherish for life. With the scenic and quaint villages of Jakhama and Viswema serving as bases for starting the trek,…

    Based on 1 Review
    A girl admires the beauty of Dzukou valley

      ChaloHoppo to Dzukou Valley

      4 Days

      From trekking through a forest to leisurely walking in an alien bamboo land at 8,000 ft; tasting rice beer to bathing in a cold stream; exploring the Naga village life to meditating between terraced rice fields. Experience the unexpected in the…

      Based on 4 Reviews

        ChaloHoppo to an Unknown Arunachal -Mechuka

        9 Days

        If you fall asleep through your journey, long enough, to wake up in Mechuka, missing the road signs that give you a reality check, you may have to pinch yourself, and yet the valley may seem unreal. Come get giddy in Mechuka.

        Based on 12 Reviews
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