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Offbeat travels, uncharted routes, and unexplored destinations are what we seek to provide our guests with. Sometimes enjoying the little moments of unprecedented happenings are what make the journey worth. If you let your mind be free from the clutches of high expectations and let your heart enjoy each moment as it comes along your journey; there is a slight chance that you will go back home feeling complete after a backpacking expedition with us - ChaloHoppo Guys. The idea of backpacking for us isn't just limited to finding ways to travel cheap or stay somewhere at a low cost. It is a concept of living with the locals and understand the cultural diversities that binds us together.

Backpacking has been on the rise and especially over the last couple of years that we have been in the business; there are more solo backpackers especially women who want to get on the bandwagon of exploration. Is travelling safe in the Northeast is a question you’d probably not ask once you see Vlogger Tanya Khanijow’s travel expedition with us to Mechuka. If your are someone who loves to read and visualize then you must go check Ankita Kumar AKA’s experience in Nagaland when she met ‘Angh’ the king of the headhunters and stayed over at a homestay run by Phejin Konyak, the woman who with her pen brought the Headhunters of Nagaland to the limelight.

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Best Seasons:All year
Popular Location:Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland,

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