What is your idea of adventure?

When you hear the word adventure, it either fills you with extreme excitement or instills a sense of fear for the unknown. Climbing up and down almost more than 4000 steep steps of Nongriat to see the Double Decker Living Root bridge or the Pristine Rainbow falls, may be a cake walk for some but it might seem like the biggest hurdle for others. So how do you decide what is adventure for you? Don’t go by what other see as adventure but what you feel gives you a good adrenaline rush. But for the conventional adventure lovers in the true sense we have something to get give you a kick out of it. Things that you will not only love to do but would get the thrill that you desire.

Let us take you to the land of Northeast which offers you a range of adventure sports like river canyoning, zip lining,river rafting, caving expedition, trekking, and cycling through the different terrains of Seven Sisters of Northeast India and Sikkim. Do you still feel there is something missing and you could do more? Just tell us your needs here and will plan it for you. We not only offer adventure for adults but even young kids could learn and enjoy moments which they might only be able to live in the books and comics like Tintin, Famous Five, Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys.

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Popular Location:Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh

Adventure Tours

Two girls sit on a wooden bench in the Dzukou valley and sip some earlier morning tea.

    ChaloHoppo to Dzukou and Nongriat

    6 Days

    We bring to you two most popular treks in Northeast India – Dzukou valley & Nongriat. Campsite Yedikha is considered as one of the best camping spots in Nagaland overlooking the terraced rice fields. A beautiful cheap campsite with the…

    Based on 3 Reviews
    ChaloHoppo guy Abhishek Rawat stands at the village ruins of Dungtlang

      ChaloHoppo to a Mythical Mizoram!

      6 Days

      From exploring the organised streets of Aizawl to walking the narrow roads of a small village next to Burma; driving through the Wild Mizoram for days to trekking up to the Mythical Mountains; tasting the Myanmar Beer in Burma to…

      Based on 1 Review

        ChaloHoppo to a Frozen Dzukou Valley

        4 Days

        From the frozen rivers in the winters to rare lilies in the monsoons, Dzukou offers the trekker with something they’ll cherish for life. With the scenic and quaint villages of Jakhama and Viswema serving as bases for starting the trek,…

        Based on 1 Review
        A girl admires the beauty of Dzukou valley

          ChaloHoppo to Dzukou Valley

          4 Days

          From trekking through a forest to leisurely walking in an alien bamboo land at 8,000 ft; tasting rice beer to bathing in a cold stream; exploring the Naga village life to meditating between terraced rice fields. Experience the unexpected in the…

          Based on 4 Reviews

            ChaloHoppo to an Unknown Arunachal -Mechuka

            9 Days

            If you fall asleep through your journey, long enough, to wake up in Mechuka, missing the road signs that give you a reality check, you may have to pinch yourself, and yet the valley may seem unreal. Come get giddy in Mechuka.

            Based on 12 Reviews

              ChaloHoppo to a Green Mechuka – Arunachal

              10 Days

              Summers are beautiful. Summers are pleasant. Summertime is a great time to be in the outdoors and doing things. If it means flying to a remote corner of India, a remote corner of Arunachal Pradesh and spending it in the…

              Based on 7 Reviews
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