What you need to know about Assam

Nature has blessed Assam with a heterogeneous variety of landscapes, plants, birds, and animals. With the tropical monsoon rainfall type of climate, Assam is one of the greenest states of the country. It is home to multiple forests. Apart from the famed Kaziranga national park, the Ahom kingdom which ruled the state for 600 years has left behind enough archaeological sites of significance to be explored. The sprawling tea plantations were left behind by the British. Weaving is one of the main features of livelihood. The state is famous for its production of Eri silk, white pat silk, and golden Muga silk.

It has the longest river bridge known as Bhupen Hazarika Setu which joins Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. It has the world’s second largest and Asia’s oldest oil reservoir field located at Digboi. Both the largest and smallest river islands are here. “Majuli” is being the largest and “Umananda” stands as the smallest where both the river islands are situated in the river Brahmaputra.

Bihu is one of the major festivals in Assam but not many are aware that this festival is celebrated thrice a year. These are popularly called Maagh Bihu (mid-January), Bohag Bihu (mid-April) and Kaati Bihu (in October).

Assam boasts of two UNESCO approved World Heritage Sites - Kaziranga National Park and Manas Wildlife Sanctuary. These sites have sheltered endangered species like the Wild Water Buffalos, Hoolock Gibbon, and One-Horned Rhino.

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Best Season:December to February
Popular Location: Kaziranga, Majuli, Sivasagar, Manas

Tours in Assam

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