What you need to know about Arunachal

Arunachal Pradesh is known as the “land of dawn-lit mountains” for Dong valley is the first to receive sunrise in the country. A visit to Arunachal Pradesh is enchanting, to say the least. With more than 81% of its land under forest cover, the state hides not just a myriad of flora and fauna but, a rich culture under a blanket of trees. This tribal land also finds mention in the Indian mythological literature of the Mahabharata and hosts quite a few ancient temples apart from Buddhist monasteries of similar legacy. It is also called the land of festivals. The people of Arunachal Pradesh celebrate a number of festivals, which comprises agricultural festivals, religious festivals, music festivals, and socio-cultural festivals. Ziro Music festival is an example of a music festival which has gained international popularity.

It is one of the two Northeastern states where English is the official language. The state is inhabited by 26 major tribes and 100 subtribes who have their own languages which differ from one another. These tribes use Hindi as a common language to communicate with each other. They have a different accent than the one you might not be accustomed to but they can speak fluently in Hindi. They love watching Hindi movies and listening to Hindi songs. You will find kids happily singing all sorts of Bollywood's songs. Their love for Bollywood is such that they’d probably prefer a Salman Khan over a Tom Cruise and why not when the “Bhai of Bollywood” is the brand ambassador of Arunachal Pradesh Tourism.

The climate on Arunachal depends on its varied topography and 82% of the land is covered with forests. Though Sela Pas is the second highest motorable road; some of the villages still do not have motorable roads and the government officials have to visit these areas by zip-lining. Arunachal is highly protected and a special permit (ILP) is required for domestic as well as foreign tourists.

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Best Season:September to March
Popular Location: Mechuka, Dambuk, Ziro, Pasighat, Namdapha

Tours in Arunachal Pradesh

    ChaloHoppo to an Unknown Arunachal -Mechuka

    9 Days

    If you fall asleep through your journey, long enough, to wake up in Mechuka, missing the road signs that give you a reality check, you may have to pinch yourself, and yet the valley may seem unreal. Come get giddy in Mechuka.

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      ChaloHoppo to a Green Mechuka – Arunachal

      10 Days

      Summers are beautiful. Summers are pleasant. Summertime is a great time to be in the outdoors and doing things. If it means flying to a remote corner of India, a remote corner of Arunachal Pradesh and spending it in the…

      Based on 7 Reviews
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