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Enjoy the calm bliss at Rainbow Falls

Only have a week’s time? Here’s the best travel plan to explore Northeast India in 7 days!

Are you here because you want to see the best places in the Northeast within a week or just a little more than that? To put it bluntly, just a week’s time is too short a period to cover entire Northeast India’s beauty. As a result, you can only cover the tip of the iceberg in that little amount of time. A significantly feasible travel plan Planning a trip to…

How to pack your bag for a trip to Meghalaya in the monsoons?

How to pack your bag for a trip to Meghalaya in the monsoons?

Proudly boasting itself as the “Wettest place on Earth” and quite living up to it, Meghalaya is the ultimate romance of Nature during Monsoon! The exhilarating beauty which the nature displays in its favourite season is something one cannot afford to miss. It is around June-September, when monsoon is at its peak in this region. The giant clouds rising from the Bay of Bengal showers unending rain during this season,…

5 best waterfalls in East Khasi hills

Team ChaloHoppo’s pick of the 5 best waterfalls in East Khasi hills

Over the last one and half year that we have been exploring Meghalaya, we have come across many breathtaking views, natural wonders and verdant landscapes. We sigh so loudly at the sight of these natural creations that people around us would probably get awkward. Anyway, so we thought may be compiling a list, would be a good way to document the beauty of Meghalaya. But then Meghalaya is vast in…

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