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A Quick Guide to ChaloHoppo’s Trip Calendar for 2019

It was your queries and encouragements that pushed us to create our first trip calendar guide. After we released it, the response we had received was overwhelming and now we present to you our ChaloHoppo Trip calendar 2019. This will throw insights on all our upcoming trips and will help you choose the kind of trip you wish to. This guide has three parts to it: A) You should book…

Amazing destinations near Guwahati

Here’s why you should book your flights to Guwahati today!

So you have landed in Guwahati because you happen to be a spontaneous traveller and you really wanted to explore the Northeast of India. You definitely know about Shillong and Cherrapunjee as the places you would like to go to but after making such an effort (flying down from wherever you are to Guwahati), would you really want to do what hundreds of other people are doing? Here's a list…

How to pack your bag for a trip to Meghalaya in the monsoons?

How to pack your bag for a trip to Meghalaya in the monsoons?

Proudly boasting itself as the “Wettest place on Earth” and quite living up to it, Meghalaya is the ultimate romance of Nature during Monsoon! The exhilarating beauty which the nature displays in its favourite season is something one cannot afford to miss. It is around June-September, when monsoon is at its peak in this region. The giant clouds rising from the Bay of Bengal showers unending rain during this season,…

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