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Eating like a local in Shillong

During my time in Mumbai and Pune, I terribly missed Northeast Indian food. I missed home food. I missed the Naga food that I had only tasted for the first time while in Bangalore, even though I am from Tripura, one of the seven sisters that make Northeast India. We don’t really get exposure to the food of the other states unless one travels extensively. The most surprising aspect is…

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Hold on to your roots

A man sways like Tarzan somewhere in the jungles of Meghalaya from the roots of the ficus trees, the very roots that are used in the construction of the ingenious living root bridges of Meghalaya! This photograph was shot by Abhishek Rawat aka ab_rawat on his exploration of Meghalaya as a ChaloHoppo Guy on August 2019.

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Plan an offbeat honeymoon trip in Northeast India

So you are hitched. Congratulations! Planning for that 1st special honeymoon isn’t easy. You either need to be an avid traveller or you need to have an expert wedding planner to chart out the perfect plan for your honeymoon. When couples especially us Indians think of our honeymoon, the first thing that pops up would be to go to a foreign location like Las Vegas, Barcelona, Dubai, Kyoto, Harbour Island,…

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Soupy Chow

Two brothers in Mechuka, Arunachal Pradesh, enjoy their soupy thukpa for breakfast. These old men are more adept at using chopsticks than spoons and forks. This photograph was shot by Ron Bezbaruah aka crumpled paper productions on his assignment with ChaloHoppo in May 2018.

Meghalaya 6 interesting conversation blog

6 Interesting conversation starters when you meet locals on your trip to Meghalaya!

Last Updated on 02/08/2019 Northeast India has been left untouched for a long time, so much so that just 14 years ago while I was doing my graduation in Bengaluru, many people in the metropolitan cities had never heard of any places from Northeast India, not even about the states. Sometimes the fellow local students asked some of us from the Northeast, if the place we came from was a…

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12 Things Not To Do On Your Trek To Dzukou Valley

Last Updated on 02/08/2019 Google search Dzukou and you find blogs or articles on ‘How to do a trip to Dzukou’ or ‘Why to do a trip there!’ This blog is going to be different from them. Most blogs tell you things you should do when you go to Dzukou Valley or share their personal experience. But this blog will specifically talk about the things you should not do, especially while…

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