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The Green Village of Khonoma

That’s our friend, Nishit Sharma aka @hopping_bug admiring the rice fields of Khonoma in Nagaland. Khonoma is the first Green village of Asia and holds a significant mark in history as well. The villagers do not rely on importing vegetables from outside and produce their own. The sale of tobacco and plastic is banned here. The villagers have also abolished hunting, a practice which makes up the core of Naga…

photo of the week

The Musical village of Meghalaya

This is the only known music ‘skul’ in Meghalaya teaching the traditional Khasi tribal music. The skul opens only on Sundays and teaches the kids how to play Khasi instruments for free. The only ray of hope left for the dying traditional Khasi music, the musical school of Wahkhen.   This picture was taken by Gourav Gogoi, aka @gourav_gogoi on a project with us in Meghalaya. 

photo of the week

The Pristine Mizoram.

  The Tuirihiau falls in Mizoram gives one of the most serene settings to a traveller. The name, Tuirihiau translates to the one that can be heard from far. This fall has a cave behind and can be witnessed from behind as well.   This picture was clicked by Abhishek Rawat aka, @ab_rawat while leading our first trip to Mizoram in March of 2019.

photo of the week

A Headhunting Warrior

  One of the last surviving face-tattooed Headhunter of the Konyak tribe in Mon, Nagaland. He lifts his shirt up to show the ancient art of the Konyak tattoo still alive on his chest. This tattoo on his chest signifies his participation in the war.   This picture was clicked by Ron Bezbaruah aka, @crumpledpaperproductions on a project with us in Mon, Nagaland.

food hacks

Food hacks for vegetarians travelling to Shillong

We must thank the social media which has brought Northeast India to the deserving limelight especially in terms of the boom in tourism gradually. It feels great to see that Northeast India is now on the bucket list of most of the travellers who wish to visit offbeat destinations. But when vegetarians think of visiting Northeast, they are in a fix. The cultural diversity of northeast India is so vast…

Blog Mechuka landslide

The story of the ultimate road trip to Mechuka- escaping the landslides!

So much had happened from May 19th to May 28th 2018, that every time I tried to write something I have been left confused. It all began with the trip being a very normal one, where everyone was having fun, getting to know each other and I was busy working out the next steps as the organiser. By 22nd May, things were taking a turn, for the better. Now, the travellers…

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