Enjoy the calm bliss at Rainbow Falls

Only have a week’s time? Here’s the best travel plan to explore Northeast India in 7 days!

Are you here because you want to see the best places in the Northeast within a week or just a little more than that? To put it bluntly, just a week’s time is too short a period to cover entire Northeast India’s beauty. As a result, you can only cover the tip of the iceberg in that little amount of time.

A significantly feasible travel plan

Planning a trip to Northeast India is after all never easy. This is because the region is so vast and has lots to offer to the adventure-seeking soul. However, you cannot cover all the seven states in one trip unless you have at least  90 days in hand to spare. But if you have managed to get a week off and want to have the best experience of travelling to Northeast India in 7 days then we have you covered. Keep in mind that without a doubt this 7-day travel plan to seven sisters is one for the adventurous soul. This is the reason why we have combined two of our most popular treks – Nongriat in Meghalaya and Dzukou Valley in Nagaland. This trip will definitely give you a taste of Northeast that will not be able to forget and this will surely leave you wanting for more.

Staring across the hills in Dzukou

To explore Northeast India with a time constraint, like in your case, a week, first of all, it is important to settle on which states to cover. Thus, if you are someone who loves trekking, taking nature walks, are a water baby who loves lots of swimming, and camping then we have a plan that you cannot but miss.

Mesmerising Turquoise pools

These are the must-visit places in Nagaland and Meghalaya that you can cover on your 7-day adventure trip:

  • Umiam lake
  • Sohra (Cherrapunjee)
  • Wei Sawdong waterfalls
  • Nongriat village
  • Rainbow Falls
  • Dzukou valley
  • Kohima
  • Jakhama

Here is a brief overview of what your one-week travel plan to Northeast India will entail:

Day 1 Fly into Northeast India and drive to Cherrapunjee

  • Visit Umiam lake on the way
  • Stopover for pineapples
  • Enjoy the drive to Cherrapunjee and witness the sunset from your resort

Day 2 Trek to the living root bridges of Nongriat

Walking on the living root bridge
  • Walk on the Double-Decker Living Root bridge
  • Take a dip in the turquoise pools
  • Visit Rainbow Falls
  • Stargaze in the evening around a bonfire

Day 3 Board the train to Dimapur from Guwahati

The 3600+ stairs wait for you to step up
  • Climb up the 3600+ stairs to reach the top and be on the road

Day 4 Reach the best base camp for the Dzukou valley trek- Camp Yedikha

Enjoy the view of terraced rice fields
  • Be prepared for a hectic road journey
  • Settle and rejuvenate at our campsite Yedikha at Jakhama
  • Explore the unlimited terraced rice fields
  • Sip hot ‘lal cha’
  • Gulp some authentic Naga rice beer
  • Lie in your tent and stargaze

Day 5 Trek to Dzukou valley and survive a night

Spread smile across the valley
  • Wake up early in the morning
  • Have a quick breakfast and board the sumo
  • Reach the starting point of the Dzukou Trek – Viswema
  • Stay at the Dzukou Dormitory and have some hot cuppa noodles
  • Watch the serene sunsets in Dzukou

Day 6 Trek back to base camp in Jakahama village -Camp Yedikha

Share light moments near a pristine stream
  • Head to the lap of the Dzukou valley
  • Catch the early sunrise in the valley
  • Have Wai Wai and Lal Cha for breakfast
  • Head back to the starting point of the trek
  • Board the sumo to get back to camp Yedikha

Day 7 Take a train back to Guwahati/ Fly out of Dimapur

  • Time to pack and leave Northeast India
  • You can either take a train to Guwahati or a flight

To conclude, this 7-day itinerary is the best northeast getaway from your busy schedule and you can take our word for it. You will be back for more. Above all, spending 7 days in Northeast India covering Nagaland and Meghalaya will certainly make you want to come back to the region. If you can take out a week’s time from your tight schedule then here is our complete itinerary that will not disappoint the traveller in you.

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