We have so many stories to tell and infinite places to visit. Do you have the time?

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On our travels we skip the fancy restaurant to taste the lal chai at a thatched stall and talk to people who can tell us the way to the secret pond. Through such travels we create an address book of the destinations that one may overlook.

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Connect With Locals

In a little diary we pen down the names of the good old folks who lead us into their homes and narrate their folklore, while we share a hearty meal.

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Share Our Journey

And then we reach out to you because we think that these stories are worth your time and we want you to experience the travel and not be a mere tourist. These stories turn into unique ChaloHoppo travel itineraries.

The essence of ChaloHoppo

We are those who have seen the city life and figured we were better off going back to where we belong, and we belong to the woods.

Our promise

We strive to give you a worry free experience and do our best to show you a side of the country long ignored while being absolutely honest and transparent. These core values guide us in achieving the same:
You are not a customer but our guest. | We give you quality over quantity. | We always have a plan B.

Our expectation

We believe that tourism is much more than a group of people or individuals coming for a holiday and going back with great pictures. We want travellers like you, to truly understand the ethos of the place in its entirety and go back humbled. Our simple appeal to you:
Leave everything a little better than you found it. | Empathise and respect traditions and culture.

``In case you are wondering, what ChaloHoppo translates into, that’s a story we’ll tell you when we meet you on this side.”

We promote two key things - responsible tourism and limitless fun!

but the 4 criteria below need to be checked out for every thing we do in Northeast India, every single time:

Handpicked Routes

Every itinerary, every accommodation and every experience has been tried firsthand by the at least one member of the ChaloHoppo team and it is only then that we present it to the travellers. We may not have 100 itineraries but the ones that we have are handcrafted with love.

Authentic Local Experiences

Since we are travellers first and entrepreneurs second, all our itineraries focus on authentic experiences like trying local cuisine, buying handicraft from the artisans themselves, visiting traditional huts and involving in community activities. We aren’t the ideal travel partners if you are looking for a traditional ‘tour package’.

Alternative Stays

We believe that hotel experiences do injustice to Northeast India by insulating travellers from the real place and its people. Hence  we hunt for cozy homestays and quirky resorts. If we can’t find them then we simply put up a campsite and make it as comfortable for you as possible.

Collaboration With Locals

We emphasise on working with the locals and giving them their dues. All our journeys involve finding new potential partners in the region and hence the hosts, guides or even drivers that we provide may be different from ones provided by other travel companies in the region.

Before you go, meet the ChaloHoppo Guys

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Chetan is vegetarian. So, reading this should also make you realize that vegetarians can not only survive but actually thrive in the region. Eating greens gives Chetan the uncanny edge in matters of decision making and problem solving. His loves for greens, not the kind you are thinking of, made him plant the seed that is steadily growing into ChaloHoppo. Apart from his fascination with northeast India he loves cricket and witnessed the historic world cup win in 2011 from Wankhede stadium. We still don’t know why he loves Delhi so much. Ask him?

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Nishant may not be a name that evokes images of someone eating crunchy spiders or gorging on boiled hornet’s larvae. You can definitely picture him playing a tabla but he does it all, including writing about himself in third person. No, he can’t swim. The ethos and pathos of Northeast India is close to his heart and he wishes that he comes to be addressed as the ChaloHoppo guy. When he isn’t busy crowdfunding to help someone you can ask him about how many fractures and stitches he has on his body.

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John barely has anything he can’t do. From crunching numbers to remembering dates that not every one cares about, to waking up at odd hours to do whatever needs to be done. Apart from the fact that he absolutely loves Manchester United one will never know what else he loves or is passionate about, no it’s not even ChaloHoppo. But the fact that the man has left God’s own country to settle in the eastern fringes and misses Onam Sadhya without making a fuss and gladly chugs his apong speaks volumes of his love and dedication to the region.

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With looks that could break a marriage and diction that will make your jaw drop, Devraj is a man on a different mission, one that involves finding rough gems from the far flung corners of Northeast India. While he is on these trips and even otherwise Devraj enthusiastically talks about and brews the perfect cup of lal cha. With the tag of being the best host and armed with a feature phone that has a vast directory, Devraj is that Assamese friend you ought to have. Will he let you open that vintage bottle of coke he has? Only time will tell.

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