5 best waterfalls in East Khasi hills

Team ChaloHoppo’s pick of the 5 best waterfalls in East Khasi hills – Last Updated on 02/08/2019

Over the last one and half year that we have been exploring Meghalaya, we have come across many breathtaking views, natural wonders and verdant landscapes. We sigh so loudly at the sight of these natural creations that people around us would probably get awkward. Anyway, so we thought may be compiling a list, would be a good way to document the beauty of Meghalaya. But then Meghalaya is vast in terms of the natural beauty it offers. Hence we have only dared to take one district, the famed East Khasi hills district (Cherrapunjee fame) and list out our favorite waterfalls. We wouldn’t be describing the history or the legend associated with it, you have got Trip Advisor and Wikipedia for that. We are simply going to talk about what we love doing while we are looking at these gushing falls. If you like it, you do it as well. So here goes:


1. Dainthelan falls:

Location:  Nohkalikai Rd,
Distance from Shillong: 58 km
What’s special: Watching the setting sun.
What you need to do: Always aim to reach Dainthelan falls by around 5 pm, not later, a little earlier is allowed. Equip yourself with a flask of hot red tea, and some eco-friendly cups/ glasses. Walk over to the side of the falls such that the sun is directly opposite to you and the waterfall is across you. Sip on your tea and watch the sun go down. It is a beautiful sight. One that you can cherish witnessing with friends, family or even your bae.

Visiting Dainthelan falls in Cherrrapunji
Enjoy this view of the setting sun


2. Nohkhalikhai falls

Location: Nohkalikai Rd, Cherrapunjee,
Distance from Shillong: 53 km
What’s special: Trekking to the pool right below where the waterfall plunges into.
What you need to do: Do this in winters when the trekking route isn’t too slippery and while others stand at the view point admiring the tallest plunge, you go right down to the bottom of the fall and look up to it. It is humbling. If you can swim, then swim in the pool and if you can’t swim then please carry a life jacket.

You can either trek to the mouth of the fall or the base
Trekking to the base of the waterfall is a challenge worth taking.


3. Wah Rashi falls:

Location: Syntung, Meghalaya
Distance from Shillong: 70 km
What’s special: Taking an actual count of the number of waterfalls.
What you need to do: Endure a back breaking journey to reach this hidden gem. Split into teams and start exploring, the actual number of waterfalls, because there are so many and when tired come and take a dip in the blue waters. The cascading waterfalls are stunning and the area also has these huge rocks where you can probably sit down and meditate. If you are in Shillong then you are lucky since there’s no way you can drive back anywhere farther.

Visiting the best waterfalls in Meghalaya
So many cascading waterfalls that you will lose count.


4. Rainbow falls:

Location: Near Nongriat village,
Distance from Shillong: 65 km
What’s special: Making a fire and brewing a cup of tea in a desi kettle.
What you need to do: Ok, this is actually the best of the lot and the toughest to reach. You need to trek down almost 5 to 6 kilometers crossing 3600 steep steps and then walking on uneven gravel paths crossing multiple root bridges, including the famous double decker living root bridges to reach this waterfall. Once you are there tears of satisfaction may drop from your eyes but then water of the rainbow fall will wash it away.

The most stunning waterfalls in Meghalaya
A one hour trek from the double decker living root bridges leads you to this beautiful waterfall.


5. Waterfalls of Laitmawsiang

Location: Laitryngew-War, Laitmawsiang
Distance from Shillong: 53 km
What’s special: Handful tourists and gives you ample time to be on your own.
What you need to do: Laitmawsiang, also known as the garden of caves doesn’t exactly have the traditional waterfalls but it has very interesting collection of waterfalls, rock formations and pools. Very few people know about it. It isn’t difficult to reach unlike a few of the other waterfalls and yet, you won’t be bothered by hordes of people taking pictures or creating nuisance. There are a few natural showering stations where you can get wet and also some historical stories will keep you engaged.

Unexplored waterfalls of Meghalaya
Asdad falls in Laitmawsiang


If you need help in planning a trip to these waterfalls or need a kickass guide who can create these unique experience, then get in touch with us.


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