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Headlamps – Cycling and fast moving sports


Even if you want to go cycling or just hunting for your friend who is chilling by the stream alone, this lamp will keep you company. Just remember to carry extra battery packs.

LIGHTING MODES The ONNIGHT 210 headlamp features 3 modes to fit all situations: – bright mode (60m range) for optimal vision on paths or in forests – eco mode (30m range) for optimised battery life on roads or smooth terrains – flashing mode for signalling in urban environments

BATTERY TYPE Works with 3 LR03-AAA batteries (included)

OPTICAL BEAM The focused beam of the ONNIGHT 210 headlamp allows to see far using little energy. At 10 metres, the beam can light up a road or forest trail over 3m wide.

LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY Standard LED light: lighting performance slowly decreases as the batteries lose charge for greater autonomy.

CONSTRUCTION The construction comprising 2 distinct pieces provides better distribution of the headlamp weight. At the front, a lightweight 15-gram light module reduces the pendulum effect. At the back, the 55-gram battery case is positioned near the neck to reduce any heavy feeling from the headlamp.


HEADSTRAP Removable and washable headstrap. Composition: 70% polyester and 30% natural rubber for maximum comfort. With the ONNIGHT 210 adjustment buckle, the headlamp can be adapted to all heads, from kids to adults, and to bowl-shaped helmets. Please note: For mountain vented helmets, make a test first. It is recommended to remove the strap and to insert it in the vents before re-attaching it to the lamp to ensure that it holds on the helmet.