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We are comfortable with you unable to Google your way to find an explanation for this one. ChaloHoppo trails are very personal to the team as we work day in and day out trying to search for the smallest detail that can turn your holiday into memories etched for lifetime. Be it a food trail that lets you pluck fresh vegetables from farms and learn the mystery of the herbs that make northeastern cuisine different or following tiny roads that lead to huts of artisans in tribal pockets the trails are for those who choose the road less travelled on. We believe in co creating and hence apart from the trips below, you can always talk to us about different ideas, here.

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Popular Location:Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh

Chalohoppo Trails

Alex from Lost with purpose(bloggers) looks at Mechuka valley from atop a hill.

    ChaloHoppo to a green Mechuka


    If you fall asleep through your journey, long enough, to wake up in Mechuka, missing the road signs that give you a reality check, you may have to pinch yourself, and yet the valley may seem unreal. Come get giddy in ...

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