Top Attractions in Nagaland

From being home to the ancient headhunting tribes, cradling beautiful valleys like Dzukou valley and hosting the internationally acclaimed Hornbill festival, Nagaland acts as a playground for tourists offering a mix of historical trails, food trails and wild treks.

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Best Season:All Year
Popular Location: Kohima, Kisama Heritage Village, Tuophema, Dzuko Valley

Tours in Nagaland

Experience Hornbill festival with Chalohoppo

    ChaloHoppo to Hornbill festival 2017

    Attending this grand showcase will take you back to a time when the Naga folks used to live life in harmony with nature. A time when hunting and celebrating was the way of life.  At the festival women wear colourful ...

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    The last tattooed headhunters of Nagaland

      ChaloHoppo to Mon and Majuli island


      It is a rare occasion when, in a span of a week, one gets to explore places and cultures which are so fragile and their existence is a race against time. The journey to the world's largest river island and ...

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