What you need to know about Meghalaya

Moving beyond the known facts about Cherrapunjee’s rainfall and Shillong’s affinity to rock music, Meghalaya’s landscape is home to natural blue pools, living root bridges, variety of natural caves and small Khasi villages which look like a child’s painting and of course the abundant waterfalls, each one different from the other. Though it is a hilly state, great roads and the highland plateaus makes your journey through the region memorable.

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Best Season:All Year
Popular Location: Sohra, Shnongpedeng, Nongriat

Tours in Meghalaya

Camping in Nongkhnum island

    ChaloHoppo to Nongkhnum Island


    Nongkhnum island in Meghalaya discovered by school children in 1996 shows that one really needs to leave the kids alone. Ostensibly said to be the second largest river island in Asia after Majuli, it is one of the ...

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