What you need to know about Arunachal

A visit to Arunachal Pradesh is enchanting to say the least. With more than 81% of its land under forest cover, the state hides not just a myriad of flora and fauna but, a rich culture under a blanket of trees. This tribal land also finds mention in the Indian mythological literature of the Mahabharata and hosts quite a few ancient temples apart from Buddhist monasteries of similar legacy.

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Best Season:September to March
Popular Location: Mechuka, Dambuk, Ziro, Pasighat, Namdapha

Tours in Arunachal Pradesh

Alex from Lost with purpose(bloggers) looks at Mechuka valley from atop a hill.

    ChaloHoppo to a green Mechuka


    If you fall asleep through your journey, long enough, to wake up in Mechuka, missing the road signs that give you a reality check, you may have to pinch yourself, and yet the valley may seem unreal. Come get giddy in ...

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